About Us

The concept behind Nature Jim’s Sprouts was originally started in the 1950s by current owner George Reynolds’s grandfather. His grandfather started growing sprouts so he could integrate healthy foods into the menu at his cafe in Redlands, California. When the economy in California soured in the 1970s, he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to be closer to his family.

George’s father, Jim, took over the company in 1976. Although the popularity of wheatgrass was booming, most of the sprouts were then shipped in from California and Texas. Jim and his father knew there was a market for a locally grown sprouts and gradually established an impeccable reputation and increased market share at area stores and restaurants.

George took over Nature Jim’s Sprouts from his dad in 1996. The company continues to expand each year and now sells product to Utah’s bordering states of Arizona, Colorado and Idaho.

Like his father and grandfather, George firmly believes in the health benefits of sprouts and makes them a part of his daily diet. His favorite way to eat sprouts is raw and on sandwiches and salads.