Sprouts the Super Food

Sprouts are a superb and inexpensive source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes. In the U.S., numerous scientific studies suggest the importance of sprouts in a healthy diet. The nutrients in sprouts replace the need for high-priced artificial supplements. Sprouts ARE the ideal natural supplement, containing high levels of nutrients, highly active antioxidants and plant estrogens. Some sprouts are even believed to have curative abilities.

Not only are sprouts an affordable superfood—they’re a delicious addition to almost any meal, too. If you’re sick of the “fish oil burps” or struggling to swallow horse pill-sized supplements, sprouts are the perfect solution.


All Natural

Processed foods often have astronomically high levels of sugar, salt and fat. Our healthy, all-natural sprouts have only one ingredient: themselves! They’re a great way to add texture, flavor and nutrition to all your favorite meals and snacks.


Nutrient Rich

Whether 50 cups of broccoli or one cup of broccoli sprouts, you will receive nearly the same amount of health benefit. Our sprouts are rich in vital nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, potassium and magnesium.


Gluten Free

Today, gluten sensitivities and allergies are nine times more common than 50 years ago. Our lineup of gluten-free sprouts are a great way to get the nutrition you and your loved ones need—without bloating, rashes or headaches.


Family Owned

In the 1970s, our current owner’s grandfather, George, realized his vision of putting family first while providing sprouts to the masses. Today, our passion is still sharing healthy, locally-grown seeds and sprouts from our family to yours.