4 Reasons Why Eating Superfoods Boost Your Job Performance

4 Reasons Why Eating Superfoods Boost Your Job Performance

Life is getting busier and many of us are struggling to stay on top of expenses. If your job seems to be taking all your strength, small changes in your diet may be enough to help you have more energy when you get home.

1- Avocadoes Maintain Steady Mental Energy

Many workers suffer from a mid-afternoon slump. If you go for processed sugars at that time, you may feel a rush of physical energy, followed by a physical and mental crash. Adding an avocado to your lunch, or skipping the candy bar for a slice of avocado toast in the afternoon, will help you maintain steady mental energy to the end of the work day and beyond.

If you’re aiming to take on a second job, avoiding the sugar rush and the eventual crash is crucial. For those thinking about adding an income stream with a side hustle or small business, avoiding foods that will put you on an energy roller coaster will make the process much healthier. A diet low in processed sugars will protect your body and brain, whether you choose to work for yourself or someone else.

2- Nuts Boost Higher Brain Function

If you’ve been considering starting a side hustle with your creative powers, consider adding nuts to your snacking routine. You can also add slivered nuts to your daily yogurt or chop them up to add crunch to a salad.

Many nuts are high in Vitamin B12, which can boost your creativity. If your job or your small business plans require you to make multiple connections from disparate sources, B12 will help.

3- Green Tea Offers a Gentle Caffeine Boost

When you enter a mental fog, it’s tempting to load up on coffee. However, green tea is a gentler way to caffeinate. You won’t get a spike of mental energy, but you also won’t suffer the crash that coffee can bring.

Green tea can be acidic; some may notice that it can be hard on the stomach. If you find that green tea causes heartburn or similar discomfort, try to pair it with a soothing serving of yogurt or have it with your lunch.

4- Leafy Greens Can Boost Memory Function

A healthy lunch can sometimes fall by the wayside. Preparing yourself a green salad, perhaps in a jar that you simply toss into a bowl with some protein and dressing, is a wonderful way to improve your memory function. If your protein source is salmon, your brain can get an even better boost!

Dark leafy greens are loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They’re also a terrific source of fiber. When you’re putting all your mental energy into your job, a diet high in fiber can protect your body from the damage caused by a sluggish gut.

Prioritizing a healthy diet can be a challenge if finances are tight. However, a poor diet will be costly to your mental and physical health in the future. Superfoods don’t have to be costly to purchase, and they are a great way to invest in yourself.