8 Natural Products Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

March 19, 2024 | health, Soy Candles, Toothpaste
8 Natural Products Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The thought of living a healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming when you consider the sheer number of changes that can impact your overall health. To simplify this process, you may want to begin with bringing natural products into your house. Those listed below are some of the easiest to transition to and may become your favorite items to use daily!

1. Deodorant

Natural deodorants can be better for your health because they don’t contain ingredients that can absorb into your armpits and cause irritation. They also allow you to sweat due to the lack of aluminum and other ingredients, which can prevent bacteria from building up.

2. Cleaning Products

“Clean” cleaning products are used in millions of households because they do not contain toxic chemicals. Using natural cleaning products also helps reduce the number of chemical gases in your home, which can reduce asthma attacks and irritation caused by allergies.

3. Soy Candles

Soy wax is unique because it’s biodegradable, doesn’t create soot, and isn’t made with toxins. When burned in a candle, soy wax does not release dangerous byproducts into the air, which can ultimately stain your walls and irritate your body.

4. Toothpaste

Toothpaste made with natural ingredients can be healthier than other choices while still being effective. These are made without artificial dyes or flavoring, which most health experts agree are unnecessary and unhealthy for the body.

5. Detergent

The laundry detergent you use could be filled with toxic chemicals that cause irritation and allergies. By switching to a natural alternative, you’ll still get clean clothes but without the artificial dyes and scents. If you miss the smell of fresh laundry, you can put a few drops of essential oil on a wool ball to toss in the dryer with your clothing.

6. Shampoo

Many health experts agree that ingredients commonly found in most shampoo products, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, can be bad for your health. While you can make your own shampoo at home, many natural shampoos are now available to save you time.

7. Body Wash

Some body wash contains ingredients that aren’t so good for your health, especially if they are left on the skin and absorbed into the body. Fortunately, many brands now make “clean” body wash that will gently cleanse the skin without the unhealthy filler ingredients.

8. Air Freshener

Air fresheners often contain phthalates and endocrine-disrupting chemicals, making them a bad choice for anyone with sensitivities. They can also lead to headaches for those who are sensitive to smells. Instead, bring live plants and all-natural air neutralizers into your home to eliminate and prevent bad smells.

A Healthier and Happier Home

If you’re ready for a healthier year, then these products will easily help you get started. While you can make many of these yourself, many companies sell natural products for just about everything. The easiest way to identify a healthier product is by reading the ingredients inside it. Try a few to see what difference you feel, even if they are small changes. Making the switch to healthier products can have a significant impact on your overall well-being.