4 Tips for Storing Healthy Snack Foods in a Scientific Lab

January 24, 2024 | Hygiene Practices, Packaging
4 Tips for Storing Healthy Snack Foods in a Scientific Lab

When you work in a scientific lab, long hours are not uncommon. Because of this, you want to ensure that you have plenty of snacks available. The key is to keep those snacks in a safe place so that they are ready to eat and do not experience any contamination. There are four tips that you can use to make sure that your healthy snacks stay safe at the lab.

1- Pick the Right Packaging

You want to make sure to package your snacks using materials that are suitable for a lab. For example, high-quality plastic or glass. The containers should be airtight when you seal them. You might also consider putting the containers into a clear bag that you can seal. This will provide a bit of extra protection against possible contaminants.

When you are choosing containers, opt for those that are clear. This will allow you to easily see what is inside the container. As you can see, you will not have to open several containers to find what you are looking for, reducing the risk of contamination exposure for your food. You can also add an additional label to the clear bag if you want to use two layers of protection.

2- Utilize Strict Hygiene Practices

Before you touch any snacks or their containers, you need to ensure proper hygiene. Thoroughly wash your hands before you even open the cabinet or fridge. You might also consider keeping some gloves near the snack area that you can use to touch the outer packaging or containers to be extra safe.

In the scientific lab, establish a specific area where people will go to have a snack. This will help to decrease the risk of cross-contamination. You should also set some ground rules to help ensure the highest level of cleanliness possible.

3- Separate Lab Materials and Food

Never store your lab equipment and snacks in the same area. Designate specific areas for each type of item. This is critical because you never want your snacks close to chemicals and other lab materials and equipment. There is too high a risk of contamination.

You can label those cabinets so there is never any confusion about what goes where. As you get new employees in your lab, make sure to point out the different cabinets and the importance of keeping your snacks and lab items separated.

4- Monitor and Rotate Stock Regularly

Choose one day each week where you will check all of the expiration dates on your snacks. Always make sure that everything is within the expiration date and fresh. When you add new stock, move the stock you already have to the front to make sure that people are eating the older stuff first. This helps to keep snacks fresh and reduces the risk of having to waste any food.

Remember that the focus of scientific labs is experimentation and research. You want to ensure that the food that you bring into the lab does not negatively impact the work that you are doing. With these tips, it is easy to keep healthy snacks on hand so that you can refuel as you work. The tips also ensure that your snacks do not cause any integrity problems with your work.