6 Benefits of Eating Healthy While Preparing for a Legal Trial

January 28, 2024 | Caffeine, legal trial, Steady Energy
6 Benefits of Eating Healthy While Preparing for a Legal Trial

Whether you’re an attorney or a plaintiff, prepping for trial can be quite stressful, and what you eat makes a large difference in your energy levels and mental health. It is critical that you eat well during this time to maintain your health and keep your energy steady.

1. Natural Sugars Deliver Steady Energy

Natural sugars, such as those found in fruit and vegetables, will keep you from falling into an energy roller coaster. A candy bar can be quick, but it will lead to a sugar rush, followed by a serious energy crash that can leave you sleepy and sluggish.

2. Caffeine Can Cause a Crash

Caffeine can also lead to a rush of manic energy, quickly followed by a slump. If you’ve been putting in long hours with your legal experts to prepare for a trial, you may find that meals leave you sleepy. If you want caffeine in the middle of the day to beat the slump, consider a cup of green or white tea with your meal instead of coffee.

Tea should generally be consumed with food when your stress level is high. While the caffeine in green or white tea is gentler, these beverages are acidic and may cause indigestion. Try to pair them with a meal or a snack that contains some fat.

3. Fats Fill You Up

Sometimes there’s no scheduled space for a meal. In these cases, consider bumping up your intake of good fats. Avocadoes can give you a feeling of fullness and provide you with healthy fats to take you to your next meal.

4. Proteins Are Quiet and Soothing

If you need to speak in front of witnesses or answer questions, consider a meal heavy in proteins before your presentation. Eggs are filling and generally quiet; you’re less likely to suffer from digestive noises after a couple of eggs and some toast.

Consider also eating something with a bit of extra salt with your eggs. Drinking water during your speech will help you stay calm and being a bit thirsty can help you remember to sip.

5. Fiber Cleanses the Gut

A stressed-out stomach can lead to a sluggish gut, which will not help you maintain steady energy. Do your best to eat something raw with each meal. Try to avoid fast food; instead, enjoy a green salad with a warm protein and plenty of water when you get a break.

6. Fluids Can Fight Headaches

Make sure to constantly carry and sip water throughout the day. Caffeinated sodas will create a rush of energy that may feel like agitation. Carbonated beverages can give you the hiccups and may lead to heartburn. Steady sips of cool water can prevent the dehydration headache that can creep up in the middle of the afternoon.

Your legal trial will be easier to endure if your body is well-supported by good food and plenty of hydration. If you long for comfort foods such as ice cream or rich pasta dishes, try to keep the portions small so you don’t overload on carbs and grow sleepy.