5 Healthy Food Ideas to Serve at a Solar Eclipse Party

5 Healthy Food Ideas to Serve at a Solar Eclipse Party

A solar eclipse is a rare occurrence that brings people along the path together. For a few short, magical moments, everyone gets to bask in its beauty. This ethereal experience where the moon blocks out the sun is a great occasion to spend with your friends.

But what’s a get-together without delicious, healthy snacks? Read on for our five best, healthy, food ideas to serve at a solar eclipse party.

1. Solar Eclipse Salad

Salad is a light, healthy refresher and very appropriate at any solar eclipse party. Make your eclipse-themed salad by starting with a dark leafy green as the base surface. Then, arrange slices of black olives and yellow bell peppers in circular patterns on top. You can also incorporate some cubed Swiss cheese to symbolize the moon’s craters.

Finish with a sprinkling of Mung bean sprouts around the edges to embody shooting stars. Another fun option could be to use edible flowers for the black spots of the sun and make your salad even more colorful.

2. Moon and Sun Fruit Skewers

Let your creativity run wild to create some out-of-this-world fresh fruit skewers. Start by cutting pieces of your favorite melon into crescent-shaped moons and use a cookie cutter to make small circles that represent the sun.

Arrange your fruit shapes on skewers however you like and serve them as tasty healthy refreshments. You can also mix a smidge of honey with a cup of protein-packed Greek yogurt and serve it as a “Milky Way” yogurt dip.

3. Eclipse Hummus Platter

One of the best party favorites has to be hummus, thanks to all its flavor and rich nutritive values. For an eclipse hummus platter, start with bowls of both standard and black bean hummus. Line them up side-by-side to symbolize the eclipse of the moon and the sun.

Use cookie cutters to cut bell peppers, pita and cucumbers into circles, stars and crescent moons. You can also add whole olives, nuts and other little snacks to represent meteors and planets in our solar system.

4. Cosmic Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa is a dietary plant protein, meaning it contains just the right amount of vital amino acids for human nutrition. It’s also a non-gluten grain! Prepare a cosmic quinoa bowl by combining cooked quinoa with black beans, corn and diced yellow bell pepper.

Finish it off by sprinkling feta cheese and lime juice for a heavenly flavor. Alternatively, you can add some grilled chicken or tofu for protein. For easy cleanup, serve in individual bowls.

5. Eclipse Energy Bites

For a sweet treat, make energy bites that are eclipse-themed. Combine dates, almonds, cocoa powder and chia seeds in a food processor, then roll them into small shapes and coat them in shredded coconut. Dust half with yellow sprinkles to embody the sun and the other half with blue or silver sprinkles to symbolize the moon.

These sweet treats are a healthy, low-calorie way to fuel your solar eclipse party. And if you make a big enough batch, your guests can take a few home to enjoy later.

Don’t Forget To Prep

There’s nothing worse than realizing before your solar eclipse party that you still have tons of prep to do. After all, eclipses don’t happen every day—and you want to be focused on the sky, not your kitchen!

Since these healthy food ideas rely on fresh ingredients, plan to buy everything just a day or two before your solar eclipse party. Then, make each recipe the night before so you can fully enjoy every moment of the eclipse.

If you decide to grow your own sprouts to add to your salad, hummus or quinoa bowl, be sure you have all the seeds you need. If you’re short on time and plan to pick up your sprouts at the grocery store, be sure to follow our tips for keeping sprouts fresh.

Apart from food prep, remember to have a few solar eclipse viewing glasses to ensure your eyes remain safe during the event.

Now you’re ready to have a feast of healthy foods with your loved ones while enjoying the splendor of the solar eclipse. Invite friends and family to party together during this event—it may be quite some time before the next one!