5 Healthy Food Ideas to Serve at a Solar Eclipse Party

5 Healthy Food Ideas to Serve at a Solar Eclipse Party

A solar eclipse is a rare occurrence that brings people along the path of it to experience its beauty descending overland and skylines. When the moon blocks out the sun showing a stunning combination of light and darks, use this occasion to invite your friends. The solar eclipse party can be served with five healthy food suggestions.

1. Solar Eclipse Salad

Salad is a good refresher that can be included on the menu list at any solar eclipse party. This can be made eclipse-themed by taking a dark leafy green as the base surface and arranging slices of black olives, and yellow bell peppers in circular patterns on top. You can also incorporate some cubed provolone cheese to symbolize the sun’s immense brilliance. Another fun option could be to use edible flowers for the black spots of the sun and make your salad a bit colorful.

2. Moon and Sun Fruits Skewers

This process begins by exploring the characteristics of solar eclipse and imagination and therefore a menu linked to this occasion may be ideal. Using fresh fruits that come in exciting container designs is excellent for a poignant dining moment. Cut the pieces of melon into crescent-shaped moons and use a cookie cutter to make small circles that represent the sun. Arrange these fruit shapes on a skewer with space between them, and eat them as tasty healthy refreshments. You can also provide yogurt dip for this vegetable is known to be flavored and proteins as well.

3. Eclipse Hummus Platter

A good party favorite has to be hummus and all its rich nutritive values. To turn it into an eclipse hummus, use black beans for the base of your spread and arrange yellow bell pepper slices in a crescent moon shape. As an additional touch, use whole black olives for stars and serve with pita chips or vegetable sticks.

4. Cosmic Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa is a dietary plant protein, meaning it contains all important amino acids in amounts necessary for human nutrition and is a non-gluten grain. Prepare a cosmic quinoa bowl by combining cooked quinoa with diced black beans, corn, and yellow bell pepper. Finish it off by sprinkling feta cheese and lime juice, for a heavenly flavor. Alternatively, you can add some grilled chicken or tofu for protein and serve it in individual bowls which makes serving as well as cleanup convenient.

5. Eclipse Energy Bites

For a sweet treat, make energy bites that are eclipse-themed. Combine dates, almonds, cocoa powder, and chia seeds in a food processor then roll them into small shapes. Coat them in shredded coconut then decorate a dusting of yellow sprinkles to create the sun. Your solar eclipse party would not be fueled up only by those bite-sized treats that are high in calories but have healthy monounsaturated fats and natural sugars.

Apart from some food suggestions, remember to have a few solar eclipse viewing glasses to ensure your eyes remain safe during the event. Now, you are ready to have a feast of healthy foods with your family as well as enjoy the splendor provided by solar eclipse. Invite friends and family and party together during this event that will take you long before seeing it again.