How Healthy Foods are Used in Military Diet and Lifestyle

How Healthy Foods are Used in Military Diet and Lifestyle

Our nation’s military is a force to be reckoned with. Every day, the brave people of this country who’ve decided to give their very being to ensuring the country’s welfare wake up early, train, and do their best every day.

Many wonder how seemingly average citizens can become military powerhouses. While exercise, training, and morale boosters like challenge coins play a part, one major factor is how military diets utilize healthy foods to get the most out of the soldiers who eat them.

Why the Right Food is So Important in the Military

Because the United States military branches consist of some of our nation’s finest, eating right is crucial to ensuring peak performance from all members, from soldiers and sergeants to branch-specific roles.

If they ever go to war or into a country torn by war or battles, all soldiers must get the proper nutrients to keep their bodies and minds strong. On the flip side, on peaceful days, they need to eat well just in case of an emergency or do tasks like training new recruits and traveling across bases without tiring.

What’s in a Military Meal?

Because of the sheer amount of physical activity those in service engage in, they need to eat high amounts of calories to keep their body fueled, whether they come from standard garrison meals or well-balanced MREs. And what those calories contain nutritionally is crucial:

Strengthening Muscles with Protein

Protein is essential for building and healing strong muscles and partially supplying energy to the body. Military personnel typically get their protein fill through low-fat meats like chicken, turkey burgers, and dairy products.

Keeping the Brain Sharp with Brain Foods

Being physically strong is only part of the soldier success equation. Keeping their brains healthy with brain-boosting foods is crucial so they can handle the stress and engage in the tough, quick decision-making needed in service. Fish with omega-3 fatty acids, like the superfood salmon, helps with feeding the brain.

Fruits and Vegetables Help Prevent Health Risks

It’s known that vegetables can help prevent health issues like strokes or heart disease and are wonderful for reducing blood pressure and regulating blood sugar. All those benefits are also valuable for soldiers, as they can’t afford problems such as those in their line of work. Dark leafy greens like spinach are perfect for staving off these conditions.

Energy Through Carbohydrates

Although the human body can get some energy from protein, the ideal primary energy source is carbohydrates. Soldiers require tremendous amounts of energy, so those in the military benefit from high-carb foods like rice, beans, and bread. Since soldiers have to endure large amounts of fitness, it’s important for them to have enough stamina and endurance.

Getting a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients is essential for military personnel. Being healthy is crucial for field operations and deployments, but following good nutritional habits benefits a soldier’s general lifestyle during and after service. Eating healthy is vital to maintain a soldier’s nutrition and fitness levels which could make a large difference in a military career.