How To Plan Natural and Nutritious Snacks for a Road Trip

How To Plan Natural and Nutritious Snacks for a Road Trip

Whether planning for your next vacation, prepping for sports practice or getting ready for a full day of running errands, it’s always a good idea to have a few healthy snacks you can enjoy on the go. Following are some great ideas for better road trip snacks your whole family will love.

Find a Sturdy Container

First, find a container that’s small enough to fit between seats but large enough to hold all your snacks. If it’s only you and one other person joining your trip, you can keep it in the back seat or within easy reach of your passenger. The best place to store your snack bin is somewhere where you will not have to stop the car to get to your snacks.

Remember to Bring Your Utensils

Many people make the mistake of overfilling their snack bins without considering space for non-food items. Before packing your snacks, place plastic eating utensils, napkins, chip clip, and reusable containers in your bin first. In addition to keeping your snacks from going stale, chip clips and reusable containers will help you save money, as you’ll be able to buy the larger, economy-sized packages instead of the smaller ones.

Choose Snacks That Contain Protein and Fiber

Just as you would research when buying a new car, you should research snacks that contain the ingredients you are looking for. There is a reason why you tend to feel full for longer after eating a bowl of oatmeal as opposed to a bag of chips. Whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables are all full of healthy vitamins and minerals and will keep you satiated for much longer. Consider opting for items that deliver healthy energy and will help keep you focused. Apples with nut butter is a healthy snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth, while bean chips will give you that crunch you crave without the added fat and artificial ingredients.

Pack Your Superfoods

Just because you’re on a road trip doesn’t mean you should skip out on salads. On the morning of your departure, premix your greens and store them at the bottom of your container near a freezer pack. This way, it keeps from wilting, and you’ll have easy access when you’re ready to eat it. Other superfoods you should think about including in your snack container include blueberries, sprouts, yogurt, and dark chocolate.

Stay Hydrated With Healthier Alternatives

Bringing a filtered water bottle with you on your journey is always a good idea. This way, you won’t have to worry about how the water from the gas station’s fountain tastes. If you need an extra boost of electrolytes without the added sugar, coconut water can be a great alternative to sports drinks. While coffee is also a road trip staple, opt for black coffee without added creams or sweeteners to keep excess calories at bay.

Having the right types of snacks on hand can dramatically improve your overall road trip experience. By planning ahead of time and understanding which items to avoid, you can keep your body fueled, your blood sugar stable, and your mind alert while on the road.