6 Surprising Ways Eating Superfoods Impacts Job Performance

6 Surprising Ways Eating Superfoods Impacts Job Performance

A diet high in superfoods can make it much easier to get through your working day and still have energy for the rest of your commitments. Many of today’s citizens are working both for their employers and for themselves to build financial security, but such pressures can come at a cost. To protect your body, brain, and immune system, consider the tips below.

1. Maintain Steady Steady Energy

Add green tea or matcha to your daily intake to put healthy caffeine to work for your brain. If you’re working hard at a day job and building a business or side hustle on your own time, the caffeine in matcha tea may allow you to put in the necessary hours without wiping out all of your energy. Rather than steeping the leaf to drink green tea, matcha allows you to ingest the leaf and gain more nutritious benefits.

2. Boost Your Brain Power

Treat yourself to a handful of nuts when you need a snack. Not only will you enjoy a healthy combination of amino acids, but a handful of walnuts or almonds will provide a hearty dose of Vitamin E and keep your brain sharp. Having a snack to crunch on can also give you the chance to get up and walk around when you need a break from people.

3. Lower Distracting Work Stress

Build your largest meal of the day around a serving of brown rice. The magnesium available in this fiber-rich grain will allow you to tolerate unhelpful work stress as you think your way around unhelpful challenges. We all know that the right kind of stress can actually increase your pleasure in your work. A dose of magnesium will help you turn useless stress into a problem that is a joy to solve.

4. Increase Your Focus

When you need a sweet treat, dip into some dark chocolate. A small dose of caffeine can bump up your energy at the end of a long day. The small amount of sugar in a single serving of dark chocolate will also increase dopamine production.

5. Build Memories Easily

Add eggs to your daily routine to increase your intake of choline. Choline is critical to memory formation. If you have taken on a new task and are struggling to get into the rhythm of the project, a breakfast that includes eggs may be just what you need to chunk the process of doing these new tasks and become more efficient at your work.

6. Protect Your Immune System

Bumping up your antioxidant intake with fresh berries is always a wise choice. No matter how careful you are about your environment, toxins are always present and free radicals are always prepared to do damage to your body and brain. By increasing your intake of antioxidants and water, you can flush these dangers out of your system.

Getting a handle on work stress and protecting your body at the same time does not have to be especially challenging. You may have a strong craving for comfort foods, such as items high in starch, when under pressure. With a steady habit of superfood intake, the occasional splurge will be allowed.